Specialised Casting Plasters

McGann's Plaster Mouldings Ltd. stock and supply a range of 3 Specialised Casting Plasters. All prices quoted are SALE PRICE and are subject to 23% VAT plus postage and packaging.

McGann's Modelling Plaster for Children
 MPC1  1Kg Bag   €3.00
 MPC5  5Kg Bag  €12.00
McGann's "Specialist" Moulding Plasterfor Professional Artists
 MPPA1   1Kg Bag   €5.00
 MPPA5 5Kg Bag €19.00
McGann's "Expert" Moulding Plasterfor the manufacture of statues
 MEP1  1Kg Bag  €8.00
 MEP5  5Kg Bag  €32.00
Quotations for larger quantities available on request

Custom Manufacturing

We custom manufacture, supply and fit Arches, Architrave Moulding & Columns and specialist requirements to order.

Trade Rate

We offer a special TRADE RATE for contractors, developers and retail outlets. Please contact us for a quotation

Matching Mouldings

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