Quadrant Corner Pieces for Beading (Panel Mouldings)

Quadrant Corner Pieces are used to decorate and accentuate walls and ceilings. They compliment other mouldings from our range and are available with matching Beading (Panel Mouldings)
All prices quoted are SALE PRICE and are subject to 23% VAT plus a delivery charge. A supply & fix price is available on request

Egg & Dart Corner Piece

Product Code: EDBC1
Price: €2.50

Rope 2 Corner Piece

Product Code: RBC4B
Price: €2.50

Floral Corner Piece

Product Code: FBC2A
Price: €2.50

Rope Corner Piece

Product Code: RBC4A
Price: €2.50

Floral Corner Piece 2

Product Code: FBC2B
Price: €2.50

Vine Corner Piece

Product Code: VBC5

Price: €2.50

Plain Corner Piece

Product Code: PBC3
Price: €2.50

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