McGann's Plaster Mouldings may be fitted by DIY enthusiasts possessing a reasonable degree of experience and skill.

Choosing a pattern

The choice of pattern to be used greatly depends on the style of house or room in which it is being fitted. Cornices, centrepieces, corbels, etc. should complement any patterns already present on other fixtures. For example there may be a Swag & Drop, Dentil or Egg & Dart pattern featured on some fireplaces or cupboards, particularly in older houses.

Choosing the size of plaster moulding

The size of cornice will be affected by the height of the ceiling in a room.

Average ceiling height is usually 8 feet (2.5m).All 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 inch (90 - 115mm) depth cornices suit 8 feet (2.5m) ceilings.Cornice over 5 inch (127mm) will be too large.With ceilings of 9 feet (3m) and over, cornices greater than 4 1/2 inch (115mm) in depth may be used.

The choice of centrepiece will be affected by the size of the room:

Smaller centrepieces are suitable for small roomsLarge centrepieces are suitable for larger roomsOval centrepieces are suitable for elongated rooms or hallways

Measuring a room

Measure the length of all walls in the roomRemember to include the chimney-breast and any other protrusions in the room.Allow a minimum of 10% for wastage in cutting and matching of patterns.Panel moulding fitted onto ceiling is generally 15-18 inch (c. 0.5m) shorter than the width and length of cornice fitted on the ceiling.

Fitting Mouldings

Ensure that all surfaces to which mouldings are to be fixed are sound and free of dust, loose paint, etc.Cut a short piece of coving and use as a templateHolding the piece of coving so that it fits the angle of the wall and ceiling mark the depth and projection all around the room.Fix the plaster coving with adhesive and nails for security.All cornice and centre pieces should be screwed into walls and ceiling joists, wherever possible.Using a creamy paste of adhesive fill in any vacancies along wall and ceiling, make good all joints and fill in screw holes.Sand down with glass paper for a superb finish


Cornices, dado rails, panel mouldings, etc. may be easily cut using a good quality tungsten tip saw and mitre box.Always remember to check all angles and measure twice to cut once!


All plaster mouldings should be painted with either matt or eggshell finish following fitting.

Custom Manufacturing

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Matching Mouldings

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